About Action Auto

Action Auto Parts was founded in 1981 and is family owned & operated. Action Auto Parts President, Julie Sullivan, has been in the automotive recycling business since 1982 when her father, Don Ross, founded the business. She is a well known and a respected member of the automotive recycling industry in New York and across the country.

Julie and her staff are always ready and willing to put their expertise to work for you, answering the phones and selling parts daily.

Employees of Action Auto Parts are trained professionals, equipped with decades of experience in finding, selling and understanding auto parts. When you call Action Auto Parts, you deal with the professionals who value personal, honest and efficient service.

We pride ourselves on our ability to recycle everything, offering you a lower price while also benefiting the environment. We are licensed and insured, and offer a 101-day guarantee on our work. Call us today!

Our customers value our professionalism, efficiency and ability to provide them discounted parts for a 101-day guarantee! They value our autoexpertise coupled with our dedication to saving the environment.

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